Weather report issued by The Marine Meteorological Center Split on 17.08.2019 at 12

The field of high pressure lies over the Adriatic.
Weather forecast for the Adriatic for the first 12 hours
NW, along the coast SW winds as well, 4-12, in the South and Central Adriatic up to 16 knots, easing gradually during the night, firstly along the coast. During the night along the coast calm or NE winds 4-8 knots. Sea in the South and Central Adriatic during the day still 2-3. Visibility 20 km. Mostly clear.
Weather forecast for the next 12 hours
Along the coast, in the morning toward the open as well, calm or light NE, in the open sea of the North Adriatic light SE winds. During the night in the open sea of the South and of a part of the Central Adriatic still light, in place at first up to moderate NW winds. Sea calm or smooth. Mostly clear.
PMC - Split