Weather report issued by The Marine Meteorological Center Split on 03.07.2019 at 06

A risk of light thunderstorms and gusts of NE wind 35-45 knots in the North Adriatic.
A ridge of high is spreading from the north-west over the Adriatic while a cold front is shifting northwards of the Adriatic to the east.
Weather forecast for the Adriatic for the first 12 hours
NW wind 6-16 knots. Still this morning locally along the coast NE wind 6-16, in the North Adriatic up to 20, at the foot of Velebit up to 25 knots while midday and in the afternoon NW and SW winds 6-16 knots. Sea 2-3, still initially a low risk of being 4 at the foot of Velebit. Visibility 20 km. Mostly clear, locally in the North Adriatic with variable cloudiness there is a risk of showers and thunder, mainly in the afternoon along the coast.
Weather forecast for the next 12 hours
Mostly clear, in the North Adriatic a low risk of showers and thunder, mainly in the extreme north. Along the coast light to moderate NE wind, only in some places at the foot of Velebit possibly also reinforced while in the open light to moderate NW wind. Sea smooth to slight.
PMC - Split