Weather report issued by The Marine Meteorological Center Split on 27.06.2019 at 06

In the morning and again in the evening local gusts of NE wind 35-40 knots, in the second part of the night at the foot of Velebit up to 55 knots.
A field of high will turn a little weaker over the Adriatic while a weakened cold front will be approaching from the northwest.
Weather forecast for the Adriatic for the first 12 hours
NE wind 8-18 knots, midday turning to NW and W winds 4-14, in the South and Central Adriatic up to 18 knots. Sea 2-3, in the morning locally in the extreme south 4. Visibility 20 km. Sunny and hot.
Weather forecast for the next 12 hours
Moderate and reinforced, in the second part of the night locally strong NE wind, at the foot of Velebit also of near gale force. Sea smooth to slight, in the Velebit Channel also moderate. Mostly clear.
PMC - Split