Weather report issued by The Marine Meteorological Center Split on 06.06.2019 at 06

The trough with frontal disturbance is approaching the Adriatic from the northwest, while moist and unstable air is still circulating in high levels.
Weather forecast for the Adriatic for the first 12 hours
SE winds 8-16, toward the open sea up to 20 knots. Sea 2-3. Visibility 10-20 km. Mostly clear. In the wider area of Rijeka and in places along the coast in the afternoon, variably cloudy with scattered rain or isolated rain showers.
Weather forecast for the next 12 hours
Mostly clear, but in the wider area of Rijeka variably cloudy with light scattered rain. Light to moderate SE, in the North and in apart of the Central Adriatic in the second part of the night SW winds. Sea smooth or slight.
PMC - Split